Ever wonder what life in Grays Harbor is like?

Grays Harbor is an incredibly unique region of Washington State and the United States as a whole. Settled for it’s vast forests and access to the abundant Pacific Ocean, our home is lush, wet and, in many ways, still tells the old story of the promise of the West.

Something Beyond

Made possible by Grays Harbor Tourism, the Something Beyond campaign has made a collection of some of the most cinematic and real footage of Grays Harbor. It doesn’t hide the rain or the passion that local Harborites have for our region and way of life. Tourists know the beaches of Ocean Shores and Westport but often don’t dive into the stories that make this area more than a tourist destination. I could sit and watch these videos on repeat; they make me both proud to be from Grays Harbor and excited to share what us Harborites know about this place we call home!

YouTube Channel: Something Beyond

Posted on September 18, 2018 at 4:09 am
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